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How to Shut Down Temptation When You’re in a Relationship

Ask a Lesbian: My Partner’s “Wife” Doesn’t Even Want Her

Dear Lesbian Love and Advice: Can I get some advice? My stud says she loves me, but she says she thinks someone else may be her soul mate. She has referred to this other woman as her “wife.” However, this other woman won’t even talk to her! I feel like she's only with me for now, but if the other woman were to suddenly show up and declare her love for stud, my stud would leave me in a New York minute. I'm torn, heartbroken and weary of it all. What's a black lesbian to do?

Dear Ask a Lesbian: I Need to Come Before My Woman’s Kids

Dear Lesbian Love and Advice: I have tried several times to date mothers and it just hasn’t worked out for me. I have no kids so it’s hard for me because I'm used to not having to think about someone who depends on an adult. Being childless, I am selfish, at least that is what I am told. But why be angry with me because that is what I'm used to? I don't like being last in my partner's life.

Ask a Lesbian: My Girl’s Homophobic Family Uninvited Me to Thanksgiving Dinner

Dear Lesbian Love & Advice: My girlfriend and I have been together over a year and decided it was time that I meet her family. She met mine this past July. So, we made plans to go to make that happen this Thanksgiving. Two hours before we were supposed to leave, she gets a phone call from her mother saying it wasn't a good idea and that “people” would be uncomfortable. What do we do now?