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Teressa and LaTasha sit with bouquet
Congratulations to Teressa and LaTasha!
About Our Love

Teressa and LaTasha Loving & Laughing Together

Written by Teressa Wilson

I met my wife LaTasha on an online dating app back in 2013. The app indicated that we were 90 percent compatible. Her profile picture was so cute that I developed a crush.

However, she didn’t reply to my messages for a few weeks. When she finally responded, we began to talk.

Our First Date

After talking on the phone for about two weeks, we mutually agreed we wanted to meet each other in person. Our first date was at a local restaurant.

We became official on June 21, 2013, the first day of summer. So when we got married, on June 21, 17 it had to be the first day of summer!

We use to joke that we were just supposed to be summer love.  The song “Summer Rain” by Carl Thomas always came on when we were in the car together. Of course, we lasted more than the summer.

I Knew she was Special When

I was going through a tough time mentally with my self-esteem and confidence. She was there to push me and support me in whatever I needed to do to feel better. She’s my number one support system and has my back no matter what. And she loves me no matter what.

What I Love About My Wife

LaTasha shows off her rainbow detail on the back of her dress

LaTasha shows her pride with rainbow detail on the back of her dress and in her bouquet.

For our wedding, our officiant asked us to write five reasons we wanted to marry each other. Then on our wedding day, she told us what the other said. It was so crazy to me that three of our answers were pretty much identical.

We enjoy the simple things in life like traveling and just relaxing. We can have fun doing nothing at all. Just being in each others presence is enough. We like to laugh together. One of us is always saying something crazy or making jokes.

Why We Got Married

We wanted to get married to commit ourselves to one another in front of our friends, family, and God. It was important to make that final step because years ago so many lesbian/ gay couples could not marry. We want to be treated like every other married couple and have the same legal rights as well.


Our Wedding Day

Teressa and Latasha stand by chalkboard with their names on it

We had the most amazing wedding day, but I am sure everyone says that. We decided to have a small ceremony with 20 guests in an outdoor garden.

I must say the most memorable part of that day was the feeling of joy. Each of our sons walked us down the aisle. She went first and then my son, and I went next.

When I reached the point where we were face to face and our eyes connected, it was like no one else was in the room. I became like a shy teenager seeing her crush in the school hallways.

I fell in love all over again.

Throughout our ceremony, the prayers, the vows and the song her sister sang to us, I looked at her with adoration. She was so beautiful to me, and she made me feel beautiful as well. Not mention I loved my dress with the rainbow corset. 🙂

The I Do BBQ

LaTasha and Teressa exchange a kiss.

To compromise for the small ceremony, we did have a much larger “I Do BBQ” at a park pavilion for 150 guests before the wedding date.

That was incredible as well. To celebrate with so many of our family and friends and have a good time. It was perfect.

How We Got Past …

LaTasha and Teressa hold hands.

We both had issues with communication in our past relationships. So when we come to a point when we have a disagreement or an issue, we take a moment and then really sit down and talk about it and remember that talking is key. Expressing our feelings and emotions at all times is important to us.

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    What an awesome love story! Congratulations!

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