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Liza and Tiombe exchange a kiss outdoords.
About Our Family

About Our Love: On Their 10th Anniversary Tiombe and Liza Are Still Star Struck

black lesbian couple wedding band and photo

Timobe and Liza share a selfie and pics of their wedding bands.

Written by Tiombe Caldwell-Burns

I met my wife, Liza, at a restaurant 10 years ago. She said she was star struck and couldn’t say anything at the time because I was with my grandmother. A few weeks later, she messaged me on an online dating site and we started talking. From there, we became best friends, and from best friends we became lovers.

Butterflies on the First Date

black lesbian couple standing together

Tiombe and Liza say romance is the key to a lasting relationship.

I can honestly say I fell in love with Liza on our first date. She wanted to take me to this fancy restaurant, but I told her I wanted to go to McDonald’s.

She was so shocked when I told her that. Instead of taking me to McDonald’s, we went to the Navy Pier where we walked through the maze and ate and talked. And if you have been to Navy Pier, you will know it gets really crowded.

So, a big crowd was walking toward me and I wasn’t playing attention. Liza grabbed my hand and moved me out of the way.

When she grabbed my hand, I looked into her eyes and bam! There were butterflies in my stomach! I had never felt this way before. She is the only woman I had ever connected with almost instantly.

They Proposed!

black lesbian couple kisses daughter's cheeks on wedding day.

Tiombe and Liza kiss their daughter, Gabby, on their wedding day.

Liza proposed to me on our anniversary April 3, 2013. I remember that we were celebrating our yearly anniversary and she got really serious (she’s a very silly person).

Our daughter was standing next to her and both of them grabbed my hand and got on one knee and asked, “Will you marry us?” I cried like a baby!

We got married a year later on April 29, shortly after they approved same-sex marriage in Illinois. Our wedding wasn’t big, but it felt like a fairy tale to us.


The best part of our wedding day was the first kiss we had after we were married. I don’t know how to explain it. It was amazing! It felt like 6 billion fireworks went off inside my tummy.


This year makes 10 years that we’ve been together. We have a wonderful, 16-year-old daughter, Gabby; a puppy named, Insta and a cat named, Pip.

I honestly couldn’t picture my life without my amazing wife. Everything is always so much better with her.


Secrets to a Lasting Black Lesbian Relationship

Photos of Liza and Tiombe over the years

From their first date to their 10th anniversary, Liza and Tiombe knew the love was real!

Our secret to a long lasting relationship is communication, understanding, love and romance.

I think communication is especially important because in relationships we get comfortable and start expecting our spouses to read our minds. So keeping open communication will save you lots of arguments and fights.


We need to also understand that every day isn’t going to be unicorns and rainbows. There will be very bad days and sometimes you will have to hold each other without speaking words to get through those times.

Sometimes your relationship may lose its spark, so you have to keep that romance and love fire going and be spontaneous.


Treat your spouse like the gift they are!


Always go out of your way to see her smile and always remember, sometimes it’s the little things that make them happy.


Celebrating 10 Years Together

Tiombe and LIza smile at the camera on their 10th aniversary.

Congrats to the happy couple!

My wife says, “For 10 years, I’ve been lucky. Every day I get to spend my life with a insanely beautiful, crazy funny, hella sexy woman. Everyday is not blissful but the laughter after arguments is always worth it. She motivates me to become my best self and accepts me and loves my daughter unconditionally!”

And me? I’m so happy and excited and proud to have been with my wife for 10 years! It’s such a huge accomplishment and it shows us that time flies! I couldn’t picture my life without this wonderful woman of mine!


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