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Black Lesbian Love Lab Vault

What is the Vault?

The Black Lesbian Love Lab Vault is a secret Facebook group where we've stored some of the best black lesbian video conversations, ebooks and handouts. It's a library of dating and relationship resources tailored for black women who love women and it's your chance to get access to this life-impacting content.

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Lasting Black Lesbian Love Stories

Interviews with couples who have been together for 15 years or more and all their secrets for making love last. Watch for valuable information that you can use in your own relationships!

Masculine of Center Stories. 

We love studs, butches, tombois or whatever name you may have for masculine women. Check out our videos about masculine women loving masculine women, being masculine in the workplace, fashion and masculine women carrying babies.

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Sex, Sexuality & Feeling Good Stories

Watch conversations about kink, poly relationships, safe sex, interviews with special guests over video, mismatched sex drives and group meetups!

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Some of the Hottest Topics in the Lesbian Community

When you subscribe, you'll get access to some of our most popular chats on:

>>Dating bisexual women
>>Age gap relationships
>>Love after 50
>>Dating a narcissist

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Interviews with Coaches & Therapists

Watch replays of conversations with therapists & life coaches sharing valuable advice cheating, attachment styles, fighting fair, manifesting the love you want, and more.

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BONUS! Access to 11 Relationship E-books & Handouts

Catch up on conversations with therapists & life coaches sharing valuable advice to help improve your relationship.

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Meet the Founder

Zamara Perri was in her 30s when she started the coming out process by writing about her love life in the Black Lesbian Love Lab blog. She soon branched out to telling other black queer women's stories and talking about some of the issues that uniquely impact US.