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Written by T.R.Augie “She don’t wanna be no girl” “So you’re like the man in the relationship?” “All you need is some makeup and heels that’ll make you the woman we feel.” No one celebrates the woman I see because they think I don’t love the woman in me They believe I am somehow confused about my femininity thinking I want to hide my 40Ds Just because I don’t push them up and out doesn’t mean I don’t know what being a woman is about You see I’m UNSUNG Define woman for me people seem to confuse femininity for anatomy constantly I’m persecuted because people focus on what they see believing I don’t know the kind of woman I want to be Men engage me in conversation most of ’em hell bent on sick shit like conversion Women accuse me of confusion Under a cloud of male delusion Tell me I’m an illusion? Who the hell are you to come to that conclusion? You see I’m UNSUNG Apparently, I’m not woman enough to seek solace among my sisters Either too dangerous or intimidating to have a true friend among my misters So many plots against me, feels so sinister You see I’m reviled on Facebook, Twitter, and stages like this Women get 50 comments, retweets, or snaps when spit some sad Agg dis Just because you always pick 0s I get treated like this? You see I’m UNSUNG The Mis-education of so many in my community We’re not allowed to be apart of their lesbian unity See we’ve become the new scapegoat And let me quote, “Studs ain’t shit,” “As a lesbian you just don’t fit” “Girl where all the good ones at” “I’m gonna find a femme; I ain’t got time for that” Bitter ass women who chose wrong, Blame me for their pre-existing conditions Got me on some captain-save-hoe mission You see I’m UNSUNG

Because we have the courage NOT to conform

Because we live outside the female norm

Because how we define OUR beauty

Has nothing to do with how skinny jeans fit our booty

Because we rock comfy tennis shoes rather than overpriced Jimmy Choos No one to sing our praises No hi-fives or hand raises We don’t get a, “you run the world” Not even a, “go head girl” Being real What you see is what you get No bodyvshapers to make my clothes fit You see I’m UNSUNG Contrary to popular belief It’s not easy pimpin’ or playa to be demonized, misunderstood, accused, or constantly compared to confused

Before you keep puttin’ Studs, Butches, Doms, and Aggs down

walk a day in these Chuck Taylor tennis shoes

And see how it feels to be UNSUNG

This poem was originally published by T.R. Augie on September 18, 2011. We re-published it here with permission.

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    That’s a deep poem, articulately written, however there is definitely some confusion, maybe not with the person who wrote this but a lot of studs walk around trying to copy the male roles calling one another bro, nugga, my dude, wanting their partner to call the Zaddy or the kid’s to call them daddy or pop🤦‍♀️they wear their pants sagging & some even walk outside with their straps on🤦‍♀️and then they claim they’re intouch with their feminine side, but don’t want their women to touch them sexually!
    Yes it seems like it’s about perception and most studs definitely want to be considered masculine, dominant & in charge and think if they let their guard down in private it’s being vulnerable and a disrespect to their ego!🤦‍♀️lml🤣smdh
    Just be yourself, unapologetically bc you can’t water fake flowers! 💯💜ijs🏳️‍🌈

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    This poem is EVERYTHING! Thank you for staying true to the STUDS!

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    Genesis C Mays

    This is dope I want to share it o. Facebook how do I contact the author?

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